Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

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Steak cut from the back of the animal.In U.S. butchery,the steak is cut fromåÊ the rear backåÊ portion of the animal,continuing off the short loin from which T-bone,porterhouse,and flank steaks are cut.The sirloin is actually divided into sevral types of steak.The top sirloinåÊ is the most prized of these and is specifically marked for sale under that name.The bottom sirloin,which is less tender and much larger,is typically marked for sale simply as "sirloin steak".The bottom sirloin in turn connects to the sirloin tip roast.

Our Black Angus beef is 100% grass fed and finished in the fields of our farm, as nature intended. Our herd is 100% hormone, antibiotic and steroid free. The cattle are moved to a different field on a regular basis to eat the best grasses and only drink fresh well water. Our Black Angus beef is certified grass fed, USDA approved and Animal Welfare Approved.