Our Product

All our steers are 100% grass fed from the fields of our farm. We have a rotational grazing system in place were the cows are rotated from field to field so they only eat the best grasses at all times. We have watering troughs installed in each paddock so the cattle only drinks fresh well water. All steers for sale are hormone and antibiotic free.

The meat is sold either as individual cuts (see price list below) or a bulk order which is ¼, ½ or whole steer packages and in select cases 1/8 with a small additional handling fee charge. All bulk meat orders will be sold by hang weight from the butcher at $4.30 per hang weight pound plus Virginia Sales Tax. The entire process takes anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks from time of order. We do not send any of our steers to be process without advanced orders to keep the meat as fresh as possible. The meat is “quick frozen” at the butchers and is ready for delivery at that time. Most customers purchase a ¼ steer which usually weights between 145 lbs. to 165 lbs. hang weight. We take care of all of the processing. All you have to do is show up at our farm on preselected dates to pick up your order.

We do farm tours on some select occasions by appointment only for our customers that really want to see the inner workings of a cattle operation.

INDIVIDUAL CUTS (price is per pound)
Flank Steaks $14.80
Rib Eye Steak Packages $15.80
T-Bone Steak Packages $17.60
Porterhouse Steak Packages $19.70
Sirloin Steak Packages $12.71
Sirloin Tip Steak $12.71
Round Roasts $8.80
London Broil $10.99
Stew Meat Packages $7.10
Ground Chuck Hamburger Packages (each approx. 1 lb) $8.36
Soup Bones $6.75
Brisket $8.80
Short Ribs Packages $8.10